Körnerpick Profi Mineral Plus
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Mineral Feed for poultry

Supports bone structure, feather formation and eggshell stability • with valuable minerals from oyster shells, coral algae, mussel shells, quartz and red stones • optimizes the digestive activity of the gizzard • also suitable for other poultry species as quails, chickens, geese and ducks

The mineral supply is crucial to maintaining the various functions in the body, so an adequate supply through the feed is of great importance. Körnerpick Profi Mineral Plus should be used when the chickens are fed with non-mineralized grain mixtures or have an increased need, e.g. during growth, during moulting or to improve the quality of the eggshell during the laying period. Körnerpick Profi Mineral Plus therefore contains high-quality calcium compounds from oyster shells and mussel shells, which can ensure the supply for bone structure, feathering and eggshell formation.

In addition to the nutrient supply, our Profi Mineral Plus is designed in such a way that the coarse structure with quartz and red stones mechanically supports the digestive activity of the gizzard. The gizzard is made up of strong muscle tissue and is lined on the inside with thick, wrinkled callus. Due to this anatomical structure, the poultry is able to grind the food components in the gizzard. Precisely for this grinding process, there is always some grit in the gizzard, i.e. small stones that are ingested by the chickens when they are free range or through appropriately designed feed.

The benefits at a glance:

  • for bone structure, feather formation & eggshell stability
  • with valuable minerals from oyster shells, coral algae, mussel shells, quartz & red stones
  • optimises digestion
  • also suitable for poultry such as geese & ducks

Calcareous marine shells (seashells, oystershells)
Vegetal carbon
Dikalcija fosfāts
Kalcija karbonāts
Magnija oksīds
Nātrija hlorīds
Kalcijs19,0 %
Nātrijs0,17 %
Fosfors0,07 %
Metionīns0,0 %
Lizīns0,0 %
Propionic acid (1k280)1.900 mg
Montmorillonite Illite (1g557) TA1.830 mg
Anise oil (CoE 336) SA1.000 mg

NA = Nutritional additives
ZA = Zootechnical additives
TA = Technological additives
SA = Sensory additives
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