Corn Mix is an oat-free ‘all-round talent’ suitable for all leisure and sport horses.

It can be fed as sole hard feed ration and if required also be combined with oats. It is characterised by a low level of digestible crude protein and is thus an excellent supplementation for the diet. The structure promotes chewing and therefore promotes better salivation of the feed. Corn Mix is fully balanced with all essential vitamins and minerals, and provides your horses with everything necessary when in light to medium work.

The advantages at a glance:

- protein reduced
- low in dust
- completely balanced with all vitamins and minerals
- very good value for money
- increases chewing intensity due to the structural fibre

71,0 g/kg sagremojams proteīns 10,7 mJ/kg sagremojama enerģija

Kukurūza23,9 %
Klijas no auzu mizām22,2 %
Mieži20,0 %
Kviešu klijas14,2 %
melase5,7 %
Cukurniedru melase5,2 %
Milti no lucernas zaļumiem4,3 %
Lucerna kaltēta (siens)1,8 %
Kalcija karbonāts1,5 %
Nātrija hlorīds0,5 %
Mārdadžu eļļa0,2 %
Jēlproteins9,90 %
Jēltauki3,20 %
Rupjšķiedras10,00 %
Rupjie pelni6,00 %
Kalcijs0,90 %
Fosfors0,40 %
Nātrijs0,20 %
Ciete18,80 %
Cukurs3,70 %
Vitamīns A (3a672a)15.000,00 I.E.
Vitamīns D3 (3a671)1.000,00 I.E.
Vitamin E (3a700)130,00 mg
Dzelzs (3b103) (Dzelzs sulfāts, monohidrāts (II))20,00 mg
Varš (3b405) (Vara (II) sulfāts, pentohidrāts)8,00 mg
Mangāns (3b502) (Mangāna oksīds)30,00 mg
Selēns (3b801) (Nātrija selenīts)0,20 mg
Cinka oksīds (3b603)50,00 mg
Jods (3b202) (Kalcija jodāts, bez ūdens)0,45 mg
Vitamīns C (3a312)34,00 mg
Vitamīns B1 (3a821)1,70 mg
Vitamīns B22,20 mg
Vitamīns B61,10 mg
Vitamīns B1217,00 mcg
Nikotīnskābe17,00 mg
Ca pantotenāts11,00 mg
Folskābe1,70 mg
Biotīns (3a880)340,00 mcg
Holinhlords Cinks (3a890)55,00 mg
Subject to change


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