Uncle Pet EMH Small Animal Concentrate
Small Animal Feed
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Complementary feed for rabbits and rodents

Plant extract from highly effective herbs fermented by natural microorganisms.

EMH Small Animal Concentrate supports the regeneration of the intestinal flora of rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents:

  • after diarrhea, too much gas in the intestine or general indigestion
  • reluctance to eat
  • after worming or antibiotics
  • with weakened immune system, e.g. after parasite infestation
  • to improve nutrient absorption and vitality
  • to support the change of fur and skin problems

A balanced variety of microorganisms live in the digestive tract of our rabbits or rodents, which take on important tasks for feed conversion. They ferment indigestive feed components, produce important nutrients out of them and, among other things, promote a convenient acid-base balance. These small, effective microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract play a major role in keeping our animals healthy.

But the intestinal microbiom is very sensitive and can be overbalanced by stress, incorrect feeding, illness or even worming. As a result, there is reduced nutrient absorption from the gut up to deficiency symptoms, reduced immune defense with increased susceptibility to diseases and infections, and digestive disorders that can be associated with hyperacidity and inflammatory reactions in the intestine. If a problem with the intestinal flora exists, it can be mentioned in the form of poor fur, exhaustion and reduced appetite up to weight losses.

Our EMH concept stands for Eggersmann Micro Herbs. These are tailored to the animals chosen plant extracts, which have been fermented by natural and plant-specific microorganisms. This production process comes very close to digestive processes within the animals gut flora which is why our EMH Small Animal Concentrate is particularly effective and digestible for the organism.

When used regularly, our EMH Small Animal Concentrate supports the species-specific intestinal flora of rabbits and rodents, which means that metabolic processes, digestive processes and the immune system can be reconciled and strengthened.

Fermented plant extract (EMH)100 %
Jēlproteins0,1 %
Rupjie pelni0,1 %
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