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Vitalize Breeding Plus is tailored to the special energy and nutrient requirements of broodmares, stallions and foals. The addition of AO-Ferm™ can increase the nutrient intake and promote the digestibility of the feed.

In particular in-foal mares and lactating ones as well as foals need high amounts of high-quality nutrients. The increased protein content of our Vitalize Breeding Plus and hydrothermally expanded grains ensure an optimal supply of the organism with important nutrients and energy. Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are tailored to the increased needs of horses at stud and ensure adequate care for your horse. The high-quality amino acids support the fertility and milk production of mares, the sperm production of the stallions, as well as regulated growth of the foals and weaners.
The addition of AO-Ferm™, a fermentation product of the Aspergillus oryzae fungus, has a prebiotic effect and is intended to increase the digestibility of crude fibre and starch. The nutrients ingested in the feed can be better absorbed and used by the body. As a prebiotic, AO-Ferm™ is the food for living microorganisms in the horse's digestive tract. The growth and the multiplication of the good microbes in the intestine can be stimulated and an optimally utilised digestion of the nutrients can thus occur.
The combination of selected, high-quality raw materials in combination with the addition of AO-Ferm™ ensures optimal support for the mare in foal and prepares the best possible birth. The healthy, optimum development and care of the foal in the womb can be ensured. Vitalize Breeding Plus ensures high-performance broodmares, fertile stallions and a high level of vitality for foals and weaners.

The benefits at a glance:

  • demand-optimised composition of high-quality proteins, vitamins, minerals & trace elements
  • with the prebiotic AO-Ferm™ for optimised nutrient absorption & more effective digestibility
  • balanced protein / energy ratio
  • adjusted calcium / phosphorus ratio
  • optimal supply of nutrients for mares, stallions, foals & young horses

g/kg sagremojams proteīns: 121,4 g/kg preceacal digestible protein (pcvRp): 96,5 g/kg mJ/kg sagremojama enerģija: 11,4 MJ DE/kg Metabolizable energy (MJ ME): 10,0 MJ ME/kg

Auzas 18,3 %
Mieži (pārslās) 16,5 %
Kukurūza (pārslās) 13,5 %
Kviešu klijas 11,1 %
Sasmalcināta izspiestā soja, sildīta ar tvaiku 7,9 %
Cukurbiešu melase 6,4 %
Klijas no auzu mizām 4,0 %
Sunflower extraction meal 3,8 %
Linseed meal 3,8 %
Zirņi (pārslās) 3,0 %
melase 2,9 %
Kalcija karbonāts 2,6 %
Milti no lucernas zaļumiem 2,1 %
Dikalcija fosfāts 0,8 %
Mārdadžu eļļa 0,8 %
Kukurūza 0,8 %
Nātrija hlorīds 0,5 %
Mieži 0,5 %
Product from Aspergillus oryzae, high in protein 0,1 %
Magnija oksīds 0,1 %
Jēlproteins 15,00 %
Jēltauki 3,70 %
Rupjšķiedras 8,00 %
Rupjie pelni 8,00 %
Kalcijs 1,50 %
Fosfors 0,60 %
Nātrijs 0,25 %
Magnijs 0,25 %
Ciete 28,00 %
Cukurs 5,00 %
Vitamīns A (3a672a) NA 15.000 I.E.
Vitamīns D3 (3a671) NA 1.500 I.E.
Vitamin E (3a700) NA 300,00 mg
Vitamīns C (3a312) NA 60,00 mg
Vitamīns B1 (3a821) NA 3,00 mg
Vitamīns B2 (3a825i) NA 4,00 mg
Vitamīns B6 NA 2,00 mg
Nikotīnskābe NA 30,00 mg
Ca pantotenāts NA 20,00 mg
Biotīns (3a880) NA 600,00 mcg
Folskābe NA 3,00 mg
Holinhlords Cinks (3a890) NA 100,00 mg
Dzelzs (3b103) (Dzelzs sulfāts, monohidrāts (II)) NA 45,00 mg
Mangāns (3b502) (Mangāna oksīds) NA 75,00 mg
Cinka oksīds (3b603) NA 115,00 mg
Varš (3b405) (Vara (II) sulfāts, pentohidrāts) NA 20,00 mg
Selēns (3b801) (Nātrija selenīts) NA 0,45 mg
Jods (3b202) (Kalcija jodāts, bez ūdens) NA 0,90 mg
Kramglūda (E 551c) TA 460,00 mg
Propionic acid (1k280) 502,00 mg
Propionsäure aus Natriumpropionat (1k281) TA 486,00 mg
Propionsäure aus Calciumpropionat (1a282) TA 788,00 mg

NA = Nutritional additives
ZA = Zootechnical additives
TA = Technological additives
SA = Sensory additives
Subject to change


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